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Puppy Warranty 


Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and current on all its inoculations and wormings. The required vaccinations and worming’s are as indicated on the health record sent with the dog.  We advise the Buyer, however, to have the dog examined by licensed veterinarian of Buyers choice within 48 hours after receipt of the puppy.  Failure to see a veterinarian within 48 hours will void all guarantees.

We warrant that the puppy is not suffering from any serious congenital disease or defect which causes a veterinarian to recommend euthanasia. This warranty will remain in effect until the dog is 24 months of age. 

Parvo, distemper, corona, lepto virus, internal/external parasites are not warranted as these viruses can be picked up once puppy leaves our care.  We do not warrant the puppy free of intestinal upset caused by the stress of relocation or diet change nor are we responsible for any veterinarian bills. 

IMPORTANT:  No warranty on common parasites (i.e. coccidian, giardia Round worms- hook worms-tape worms). 


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